Water and the unit of a private house heating system

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Supply of private houses and the heating device sistemyObespecheniyu amenities of a private house in the mainly hampered by lack of connectivity to the town utility services. Thus, there are often difficulties associated with water supply, gas supply, sanitation device at home and the house was t.p. Chtoby water can be used well, well, vodonakopitelnye tanks as alternative options for connecting to a central water supply. Well bury 2-4 m in the aquifer. In this case, the water of a private house is only possible with the use of submersible pumps. The device will cost considerably more wells, but they can be used without a pump, drawing water in buckets and hand-picking. The simplest type of wells is a mine whose depth is about 20m. Vodonakopitelnye tanks are very convenient source of water for the house. Very often it is installed in addition to the central water supply, well or borehole. It allows you to create a certain amount of water, allowing at least include a downhole pump, and not worry about the fact that the water supply may be the time to stop. Usually vodonakopitelnye tanks installed on the attic floor, in which case it should be remembered for their significant vese. Poluchaemaya water is used for domestic purposes, including cooking, showering, etc. Water can also be spent on the heating system which makes use of a liquid as a coolant and a device in the home heating system with radiators. Sometimes having the heating necessary for project delivery structures into operation. Of course, the installation of the heating system must trust the experienced craftsmen. The main steps are the development of design specification, calculation of heat losses in all rooms, planning schemes of heating, heating calculations, selection of heaters, the implementation of the drawings, as well as the preparation of an explanatory note. Systems can be arranged with natural circulation and forced. The device of any type of system depends on the specific building (for example, the volume and number of storeys of the object). The second most important heating system is underfloor heating, allow to warm the room evenly. How would you heating system is chosen, it must be designed to reflect the current building regulations and standards.

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